Contract of Boarding Terms & ConditionsGreg Halloran

  1. All dogs must have a current vaccination certificate to sight in arrival. A current C5 dated and signed by your vet, or a C3 with your dog(s) yearly canine influenza booster.
  2. The owner agrees to pay all costs and charges incurred during and relating to the dog(s) stay at Pambula Boarding Kennels (including boarding fees, veterinary expenses, special services requested and any other charges incurred). These fees must be paid before the dog(s) leave Pambula Boarding Kennels.
  3. The owner releases Pambula Boarding Kennels, it employees and agents from all liability for paralysis tick, canine influenza, injury, death, loss or damage of any kind whatsoever that may occur to the dog(s), or their own bedding or toys, while in the care of or being transported by, or being directly supervised by Pambula Boarding Kennels, its employees and agents.
  4. If the dog(s) require veterinary attention the owner shall be liable for all costs and out of pocket expenses.
  5. Pambula Boarding Kennels reserve the right to refuse any dog and no reason need be given.

General Information

Kennels are cleaned and scrubbed daily while your pet is out having their play time!

Even in the cleanest of kennels, some dogs can still get a bit smelly so if you want your dog washed before departure, please inform us when you drop your dog off.

For the comfort of your dog and others, please ensure your dog is flea free upon arrival.

We are a tick area, please consult your vet as regards to appropriate tick prevention before arrival.

Heated KennelsHeated Kennels

We now have a heated floor section available for dogs that are more used to indoor living, or for those dogs a bit older.

A really cozy environment for the cooler night and days. A limited number of kennels are available with heating (pictured right), so bookings are essential. Costs a bit more per day per kennel, we are sure your dog will thank you, aren't they worth it?

Walking the Dog

If you are holidaying in our area, and wish to take your dog out during the day, there are dog friendly beaches in the Pambula/Merimbula area. It can sometimes help your pet if they stay with us for the first day or two before you take them out so they can see our routine and settle in with us.

Drop off and pick up times for this service:
Monday to Friday: 10-11am, 3-4.30pm
Sat Sun, Public Holidays: 10-11am, 2-3pm

These times are set to allow for minimum disturbance to your and other pets staying with us. Please only one family member to pick up and drop off dog.

Boarding fees must be fully paid up before taken for walks.

Food & MedicationDeb

The dogs are fed a combination of fresh meat, rice and vegetables, with dried food when required. If your dog has special requirements please discuss it with us.

Please don't feed your dog before bringing it in - dogs are given a treat and feed upon arrival to help them settle in.

We are happy to administer any prescription medication your dog is taking, however we request that all medications have a label printed by the dispensing vet, this ensures that the correct dosage & medication can be administered.

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